WorldClass offers the ability to set different permission levels to users. 

We currently offer 3 user roles: 

  1. "Admin" - gets full access to your Studio, the information it holds and the features it offers. 
  2. "Instructor" - gets access to your Studio but with limited capabilities:
  • An instructor can't delete users
  • An instructor can't access the following tabs: "Courses", "App settings", "Integrations", "Account". 
  • The only tabs allowed for an instructor are: "Users" & "Reports".  
  • When an instructor logs in to the Studio, the left sidebar will appear with the restricted tabs blurred, as shown here: 

3. "User" - a user has no access to the Studio, but only to the users' side. 

In order to change the user's role, click on the user's name, and then click on the role currently assigned to the user. A dropdown of roles will appear for you to choose from. As seen in this video:

If you'd like to learn more about restricting your users' access to your courses, we suggest to first learn about the difference between course visibility and course access

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