WorldClass is designed to help you promote and sell your courses in more then one way. 

Often times, our users are interested in pushing a specific course forward, rather then the entire academy or the academy's catalog. 

This is why we designed each course page as a stand alone landing page: from an area that can be used for text and rich media elements, through the table of contents, and up to the logic behind the payment flow. In this tutorial, we'll show how to use the course page as a stand alone landing page. 

  1. The course description (AKA: Text area)
    At the top of every page, you can find your course description. This description can host videos, images, gifs, and designed text. 
  2. Call to action
    2 action buttons inviting the user to take the course. Clicking on any of these buttons will lead to a registration page, and if the course is a paid course, to a payment gateway. 
  3. Course plan
    Below the description, there's a complete course layout, fro the user to examine and review. This is your chance to intrigue your users and show how deep your content is going. 

Here is a short video demonstrating the 3 different parts of the landing page: 

Driving traffic directly to your page

One important note regarding the use of a course page as a landing page: when directing traffic to your academy, you do not always need to send your users to your course catalog. In stead, you might want to consider them directly to the course you'd like them to take. 

Using WorldClass's demo academy as an example: let's say you have a campaign prompting your users to read about your course. You can either send your users to your academy's catalog, or link directly to a course of your choice

If you need any more assistance or advice on how to set up your course page, please contact us at 

You might also like to learn about the ability to onboard users who had't paid for the course on top of the WorldClass platform.  

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