WorldClass allows you to connect your own payment gateway and collect payment for your courses, but what happens when you want your users to access your content after purchasing access offline, or on a payment gateway not connected to WorldClass?  

In this article, we'll review a few ways of getting your users to access courses without having to go through the WorldClass payments module

Option 1: Assigning Courses To Specific Groups

The idea: you can assign courses to specific groups of users. Once assigned, the course is visible only to members of this specific group. 

The process: 

  1. Divide your users into groups - full article can be found here, but here is the gif to demonstrate how this is achieved:

2) Assign the courses to the groups of your choice - a step-by-step guide can be found on the article: "Choosing Which Students Can See Your Online Courses"

*Important note: you can assign your users into their designated group upon sending them the academy invite, instead of waiting for them to signup. Here is a short "How to" guide: 

Option 2: SSO or Connect WorldClass With Your Main Payment Gateway

In some cases, we offer the possibility to add some custom development and connect to your in-house payment gateway or user management solution in a seamless integration that is transparent to your end users. 

This scenario works well in certain conditions, and should be examined per use case. In other words, if you're interested in integrating WorldClass with your existing platform, we suggest you first reach out and talk to us about it at  . 

Short summary

While there are more ways and workarounds that fit each specific use case,  these 2 options are most likely to solve your users' onboarding process.
If you're not sure which onboarding process is bet for you, please write us and let us know at 

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