TL;DR: WorldClass let's you connect your online academy with awesome web tools.  You can see which ones on the left sidebar --> "Integrations"

Being best at what you do means focus. At WorldClass, we focus on creating an amazing learning experience for your users, while boosting your brand and helping you look good. 

So what happens when you need to do more stuff? For example, how can you use your e-learning content for marketing purposes? What if you want to have better analytics? Or maybe you’re interested in chatting with your users while they interact with your content?

Introducing: WorldClass Integrations! 

WorldClass integrates nicely with many other web apps and services, allowing you to achieve a lot more from your WorldClass academy. 

To see which integrations are available, simply click on the Main Menu Button on the upper left area of the homepage beside the Academy Dropdown Menu, and then click on “Integrations”: 

Here’s a quick video on how you can see different integrations that can be added to WorldClass Academy: 

Perhaps the most meaningful integration of all the available integrations, is with Zapier, which let's you connect with over 500 web apps. 

We recommend to read this blog post explaining how this can be achieved. 

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