As you begin creating your first online course on WorldClass, it's helpful to first understand how a WorldClass course is built. 

The following video will provide you with an initial overview of the platform, as well as a clear first view of the basic building blocks one can use when creating a course. 

In short: A Worldclass Course is divided into Lessons. Each lesson is structured from Sections, which can be either "Pages" or "Tests".

What are "Pages"? How can someone create a test?  How can you use each of these elements to get your content delivered for your students? 

Let's find out: 


After you viewed this video, we suggest you continue for a deeper look at creating tests & quizzes at the "Tests and Interactive Modules" Tutorial.

Or, if you're ready, you can continue and create your first online course.

If you have any further questions or you feel that you need more guidance, please don't hesitate to contact us at:  

Good luck!

Full transcript:

The Worldclass platform, is a course delivery platform. A Worldclass course is basically an assembly of 1 or more lessons.

These lessons, are created on the Worldclass Studio, under the “Courses” tab.

When creating a course, lessons always appear on the left side of the screen.  

Lessons are built from sections.  Each lesson includes as many or as few sections as you’d like to add. We currently offer 2 section types to choose from: pages and tests.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these section types:

Pages - as their name suggests - are HTML pages that can display any HTML content element you’d like. From simple text, through videos and up to embeddable tools from across the web.

You can combine multiple elements on the same page or present a single element.

Create endless content per page for an “endless scroll” experience or short separate pages. All according to your content needs and personal preferences.

The second section type is called “Tests.”  Tests are a closed batch of interactive modules, such as multiple choice questions or drag-and-drop matching activities. For each test, you can customize your choice of meta rules and levers such as time limits or order of appearance for the different elements.

When your users complete a test, they can review their activity,  get detailed statistics, and share their results.

This detailed view is also available on the admin side, as part of the user’s profile and the reporting module.

The “Test” chapter type comes pre-loaded with it’s own menu and built-in activity types. This menu is constantly updated with new activity types, and if there’s any activity type you think is missing, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know.

To learn more about tests and interactive modules, we suggest you watch the “Tests and interactive modules” tutorial.

To get started - try to upload a video directly to your video library, preview it on our preview player, and publish it. If you don’t have any video to upload, you can always embed one from YouTube using our YouTube embed function.

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