Adding quizzes and tests  to your online course is an important part when trying to achieve the most out of your online course.

This isn't just a general notion or idea - if you add questions and interactive modalities to your course, your users' appreciation to your course will rise and so will their engagement and general satisfaction.

In the following tutorial, we'll dive a bit deeper into the creation of tests, quizzes, and interactive modules in general.

If you haven't already, we recommend to first watch the "Lessons and Sections" tutorial prior to watching this video.

Below, you'll find a full transcript of the video, for those of you who prefer reading over viewing. Enjoy!

Full transcript;

Generally speaking, the more interactive your course is, the more engaging the experience is going to be for your users. We recommend creating all sorts of activities for a richer learner experience.

In this tutorial, I’m going to explain about tests, and show how tests can be used within a course.

Before we dive deeper, we recommend to make sure you viewed the “Lessons, Pages & Tests” video prior to this tutorial for a better understanding of how a Worldclass course is designed.

Since tests are a form of section, you’ll first need to choose the lesson to which the test will belong.

Once you decide on a lesson, search for the “Add a test” button at the bottom of the lesson.

Then, choose a name for your test. The name you choose can be easily replaced later on. When done, click on the blue “V” button.

The next step is to set the “Test Settings” - on this page, you can choose the test type and create tags for your tests. Tags are very useful for managing a large amount of content and for adding automated processes later on, so we recommend taking a few seconds and choosing appropriate tags.

We’ll get back to the test settings after we add some content to the test.

Tests are structured out of 1 or more chapters. Once you’ve created a test, you will now add test chapters.

For each chapter, you’ll need to create a chapter title.  Once a chapter is created, you’ll reach the chapter authoring tool.

On the right side of the authoring tool, you’ll see a new set of activities: multiple choice questions, interactive modules and more. We keep updating the tests with

    more and more activity types based on our user’s feedback, so please don’t hesitate to let us know if you’re missing any activity type.

To add a question or activity, simply drag the desired activity type to the center of the page.

Once dragged, a template will open up for you to fill with your own content.

When you create a question or an activity type, it’s automatically saved in your library for future re-use. To re-use a question or an activity, click on the “Use from library” tab, where you’ll find search tools such as a tags manager and a search bar to assist you with finding the relevant content.

You can add as many or as few activities as you want. Once created, you can change the activities order of appearance by dragging an activity across the page and dropping it at the desired location.

Don’t forget - you can add more than one chapter to a test for a more structured experience. When your users complete the entire test, they’ll see a results page specifying how well they did in each chapter.

Once we’ve added chapters to a test, we can go back to the “Test Settings” by clicking on the 3 dots next to the chapter or test name. You’ll notice that at this point, we can also adjust the newly created chapters within the test.

You can adjust many of the chapters’ characteristics by clicking on the chapter you wish to adjust, and choosing between the different offered functionalities, such as the order in which questions are displayed, time limitations per question or per chapter and more.

Not all chapters have to be set up in the exact same way. Worldclass offers the flexibility to create your own special tests to fit your exact needs.

Finally, as always, if you wish to change the order of your chapters, simply drag the chapter you wish to move and place it at the desired location.

After you’ve added your content and adjusted  your desired settings, be sure not to forget to click on the “Publish” button to make sure the recent version of the course is available for your users.

Tests are a great tool to engage your students and create a robust online experience.

Please note:  if you already own a lot of content or tests and you’re interested in bulk uploading this content to the Worldclass platform, contact us at and we’ll be happy to assist you with your content’s migration.

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