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There are 2 ways for user to signup to your academy: 

  1. Self signup - users simply reach your academy's homepage, click on the signup button and signup. 
  2. Users' invite - you can send an invite to specific users so they 

When inviting the users to your academy (as opposed to having them self-signed up), you can set up the users' characteristics at the moment of signup, and save time and confusion later on.

Please note: you do not have to invite your users one at a time. You can paste many emails at once, as long as they are seperated by a comma sign.

What fields can I define when inviting new users? 

  • Permission level - if you're inviting your colleagues or staff to work on your academy with you, you can make sure to set the proper permission level to "Admin", "Staff" or "Teacher" upon invite. Otherwise, for inviting your users, you can just go ahead and keep the "Student" permission level.
  • Group - Worldclass let's you assign your users into groups and display different courses to different groups of users. Upon invite, you can already decide which groups do your users belong to. You can even create a new group on the fly by clicking the "Add a group button"!
  • Edit your email text - you can edit the text users get on their invite page using our text editor. Please note. At the bottom of each email invite, users will always get a button that says: "Click here to join".

Here is a live example of how to fill the "Add users" form:

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