Here are 3 important things to consider when choosing the right name for your online course:

  1. Use words your learners can understand -  the way you name a course automatically segments the target market who might react to it. For example, a course titled: "MongoDB - the SQL crusher!" automatically addresses people who already know what MongoDB and SQL are. However, the title: "Introduction to MongoDB - the non-linear database", helps explaining what MongoDB is (some sort of database..), and thus enables a slightly larger audience to react to this course.
  2. Show value - one way of naming your course is by its content. For example: "Google Adwords for beginners". Another, and sometimes better way, of naming that same course, would be by the value this course provides to the learner. For example: "Increasing sales with Google Adwords".
  3. Consider your users' search phrases - This tip is similar to tip #2, but with a more technical aspect: Let's say you created a course about stress management for test prep students, taking the SAT, ACT, or the GMAT. If you'd like these students to find your course online, you'll need to consider the phrases they'll use when searching for a solution to their stress issue on Google. The closer your title is to the student's query - as typed-in on Google - the higher the chance they'll find your course. Thus, if the most common search phrase is, for example, "how to handle stress during tests", you might choose to name your course "Handling stress during tests" and not "Stress Management for Test Prep Students" or "Improve Your SAT Course by Removing Stress" etc.

In order to find the best course name, we suggest you play around with different options until you get it right. 

How can I technically change the course name o the WorldClass platform? 

Changing the course name on the Worldclass platform is very easy:

From the course page, click on "Settings":

And simply type in your new chosen course name in the "Course Name" field:

If you hadn't already, we suggest that you take a few minutes to better understand how the WorldClass platform is designed, and what are the building blocks that create a course on our "Lessons and Sections" tutorial.

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