We've recently released a private beta app on Zapier that adds powerful integrations to your existing worldclass academy.

Zapier, for the uninitiated, is one of our favorite products over at WorldClass HQ. It's a service that allows you to connect actions on one app (triggers) to actions on another app (e.g. add a new customer from worldclass to mailing list on mailchimp).

For the time being, we started with the two most requested triggers:

  1. When a new user joins your academy (via invite or self-registration)
  2. When a user completes a section in one of your courses

With the above two triggers you can start creating your own 'data stack' based on real-time events in your academy and any combination of apps becomes available. Create a google spreadsheet and have rows added automatically whenever a user completes an assigned task or create a slack notification for your team when someone purchases one of your online courses. Sky is the limit!

The data we send with each trigger includes username, email, group, course name, section name and many other attributes you can use to slice and dice the information as you see fit.

How to create your first integrations with Zapier + WorldClass ?

You'll need a working Zapier account so create one here or login to your existing one

  1. Click the following link to request an invite to the app (as I said, it's currently in private beta)
  2. Click "Make a Zap"
  3. Select 'WorldClass' from the list of apps as the trigger app

4. Start building your trigger (it's quite self explanatory).. at some point you'll reach the 'webhook' screen with a link that serves as a key to this whole process

Go to your admin console (studio.worldclass.io) -> integrations screen -> zapier and paste that key in the relevant input box. There are 2 boxes, one for recepies for 'new user' and one for when a user 'completes sections'

  1. Test the connection on Zapier by hitting the 'Test' button (duh right?)
  2. Select your action application
  3. Create amazing connections

As always - we'd love to hear from you - what are your favourite recipes? What additional triggers would you like to see? Any bugs you've encountered?

Need help with any of the above? Please email us at support@worldclass.io or hit us on our facebook page.

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