When creating a paid course, the process in which you collect payments from your users becomes a very important part of the flow.

There are 3 ways you can collect payments for your courses from users: 

  1. Through WorldClass supported payment gateways
  2. Through your own payment methodology - online or offline
  3. Selling mobile apps 

Which of thee options is the right one for you? 

That all depends on your specific use case. Generally speaking: the simpler the payment method --> the easier it is for your users to purchase the course --> the higher the chances of a sale. 

With that, you know your target market best. So the best option for you isn't necessarily the best option for anyone else. 

We're happy to consult if interested. Just write us to team@worldclass.io and we'll schedule a short brainstorming session. 

In this article, we'll review the different WorldClass supported payment gateways, to give you a clear view of your possibilities.

Option 1: Integrating your own payment gateway with the WorldClass platform

When charging payment from your users across the web, this is the best, fastest and most convenient option.

This option means you create an account on any of the supported payment gateways, and connect it to your WorldClass academy. Once users purchase your courses, they automatically gain access to the course, and you get your payment instantly, in accordance with the agreement you have with you payment gateway provider. 

In this scenario, WorldClass is not a side of the transaction. We have no visibility to your payment gateway account, and we can not refund or solve payment related issues. For such issues, you'll have to contact the support of whichever payment gateway you chose. 

WorldClass currently offers 3 providers to choose from: 

PayPal - perhaps the most famous payment service worldwide. Learn how to sell your courses using PayPal here.

Stripe - our personal favorite. The slickest user interface with optimized functionality. With Stripe you can:

  • Add your own coupon codes for your courses 
  • Add a subscription option for your users - annual, monthly or daily
  • Provide your users with a clean and enjoyable user interface

Instamojo - for our Asia based customers - especially India - we've added Instamojo: a leading and very slick payment gateway that operates (also) where bigger providers often not. 

Option 2: using the WorldClass default payment gateway (by PayPal)

With the WorldClass default payment gateway, we basically use our own PayPal account to charge payments for you. 

There are a few things to note regarding this option: 

  1. This option means we collect payments from your users to our own PayPal account. Thus, when a user pays $X for your course, we get the $X to our account. 
  2. We charge a 10% commission for payment through the WorldClass default payment gateway. Thus, if a user purchased your course for $X, we will transfer 90% of $X to your account.  
  3. You will receive the payment to your PayPal account the following month. For example: if a user purchases your course for $X on January 2nd, you will receive 90% of $X  only the following February.
  4. This is the default option. If you don't change it and you set a course to be paid - we will collect your payments for you and charge you the declared commission. 
  5. In order for us to be able to transfer the money to you, you must have a PayPal account of your own, or another way in which we can deliver the payment to you. 

To summarize: our best practice recommendation is that you connect your own payment gateway. If possible - we recommend you chose Stripe. 

If your payment collecting strategy is different, and you don't want your users to purchase courses on top of WorldClass but in any other way (weather offline or online), we recommend to read the tutorial: How To Enable Course Access To Users Without Them Paying On WorldClass

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