So you published an online course. Now - let's see how users can reach it! 

First, who can see the newly published course? 

If you haven't changed the default settings, anyone who reaches your academy, wether by invite or by typing in your academy's domain, can see and access your course. 

You could, however, restrict the access to your courses in more then one way. This article will provide you with an overview of ways to restrict users from reaching your content. 

Visibility vs Access

For each online course you publish, you have 2 levels of restriction: 

  1. Who can SEE the course? 
  2. Who can ACCESS the course? 

What's the difference between the two?
Seeing a course means that the course is visible to the user, and the user has an option to take the course. 

If a course is visible to a user, that user would see the course on the course catalog, or would be able to read the course description when provided with a link to the course page. 

However, just because a user can see the course, that does not automatically mea the user has access to the course; if a course is not free, but a paid course, the user would only be able to see the course exists, but in order for the users to actually access the course, they first need to pay for the course

Once the user actually paid for the course - access is granted, and now the user has both visibility and access to the online course. 

In order to learn more about visibility restrictions, we recommend to read the tutorial about course visibility

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