One way to onboard your users on to your academy is by sending them an invite

In this short tutorial, we'll explain the process as seen from the users eyes. 

What should your users expect when you invite them? 

When you send your users an invite from within the WorldClass users table on your admin panel (your Studio), your users will receive an email prompting them to join the academy. 

Once received, this is what your users should do: 

  1. Open the email 
  2. Click on the big red "Join" button
  3. Choose a username and password at the signup screen

Simple isn't it?
Now for a more visual explanation - this is how you invite your users on the admin side

Here is a short video of how the invite process looks like from your users point of view when using a desktop (we should note: this is not the most common use case. More often then not, users first log in to your academy from their mobile device, so there's a video for that as well below): 

Here is how your users see the invite\onboarding process from their mobile device: 

When inviting your users, you should remember - you have full control over the courses your users see and have access to. You can learn more about course access and visibility in the following tutorial

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